Manuscripts of three full-length Cornish medieval plays have survived. It is possible to view these manuscripts online.
  1. A cycle performed on three consecutive days known as the Ordinale (or 'authorative text'), probably written in the fourteenth century:
        Bodleian Library, MS. Bodl. 791
  2. A saint's play, Beunans Meriasek ('The Life of St. Meriasek'), dated in the surviving manuscript 1504 but certainly originally written earlier; and
        Aberystwyth, National Library of Wales, MS Peniarth 105B
  3. The first part of an apparently incomplete cycle called The Creacion of the World (for which the first translator invented the Cornish title Gwreans an Bys) that, in the manuscript, is dated 1611 but that may well have been a copy or adaptation of an earlier play.
        Oxford, Bodleian Library, Bodley 219
This bibliography lists the major printed sources of published material dealing with Cornish medieval drama.
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The manuscript containing the fragment of this play was discovered among the papers of the late Emeritus Professor J. E. Caerwyn Williams donated to the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, by his widow, the late Gwen Caerwyn Williams, in 2000. The play was probably composed in the second half of the fifteenth century. The first section deals with the confrontation of Saint Kea with Teudar, a local Cornish tyrant. A second section deals with King Arthur's quarrel with the Roman emperor Lucius Hiberius, concerning the tribute the Britons were forced to pay to Rome and with Queen Guinevere's adultery with Arthur's nephew, Mordred, ending with a scene in which Guinevere regrets her behavior. The rest of the play is missing.
The complete manuscript is here: Aberystwyth, National Library of Wales, MS 23849D
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In the manuscript of the 'Ordinalia' there are three circular plans (one for each of the three days of the play) showing where the permanent stations (or stages) were situated. There are two similar plans in 'Beunans Meriasek'. These, together with other documentary evidence, show that at least the major Cornish medieval plays were presented in open-air, circular theatres.
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Mediaeval Cornwall 1066-1485
A most useful and interesting survey, published by the Cornwall Heritage Trust.
Overview of Cornish History
A short but useful introduction on the Cornish Council site.
Records of Early English Drama - DORSET & CORNWALL
This important document (the Cornish part of which was edited by Sally L. Joyce and Evelyn S. Newlyn) was published by the University of Toronto Press. It contains a considerable amount of information from original documents about Drama, Music, Dance & Popular Customs in medieval Cornwall. The site contains the complete text of the book. The Cornish section starts on p. 371.
The Medieval Cornish Countryside
An interesting account, richly illustrated with aerial photographs.
The Stanneries: A Study of the Medieval Tin Miners of Cornwall and Devon
A fascinating - if slow-loading - copy of the interesting monograph by George Randall Lewis, published in 1908.

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Staging plan for 'Passio Domini Nostri Jhesu Christi'
Staging Plan

Staging plan for the first day of St Meriasek
Staging Plan

Staging plan for the second day of St Meriasek
Staging Plan

A page from the manuscript of
The Life of Saint Meriasek

Program for
Gwryans an Bys:
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