The Camerino Players

A new show for primary school pupils


by Sydney Higgins
with music by Lamberto Lugli

The Clown The show comes from an original idea of Sydney Higgins who has written the script and lyrics, as well as producing and directing this totally new play. Although it has an educational purpose, this innovative and unique show is full of laughter, colour and music. It presents primary school pupils with a friendly and entertaining opportunity to inter-react with the actors and so be able to acquire and deepen their knowledge of English.
The story revolves around three characters: two clowns who speak only English and a circus ring-master who speaks only Italian and, in addition to his involvement on stage, acts as an intermediary between the public and the two clowns who work in his circus. The dialogue between the two Clowns imaginatively uses words and phrases based on a structured vocabulary and grammatical structure especially designed for the age and the linguistic knowledge of the young audience in the theatre.
Author and composer Sydney Higgins, the writer and theatre director from England, has for many years been resident in Camerino. He is at present the Professor of English at the University of Camerino,
Lamberto Lugli is a well-known composer, conductor and teacher of composition at the Music Conservatoire ‘G. Rossini’ in Pesaro.
Features Designed as a first-class educational entertainment for children, "The Clown" is crammed with action, colour, comedy, music and songs. The show lasts about 55 minutes. Thereafter, everyone present can have the opportunity to meet and talk with the actors.
Organisation There can be 1 or 2 shows in one day (either both in the morning or one in the morning and the second in the early afternoon).
Place The ideal places for the show is a gymnasium or and the school’s assembly hall. In the case of schools with a small number of pupils, it would be advisable to combine with other similar-sized schools in the locality, thus combining interests and dividing the costs.
Teaching materials A week before the events, the school will be sent a summary of "The Clown", some worksheets and a CD with music and songs used in the show.
Didactic content
The vocabulary and grammatical structures dealt with are:
1.    Colours
2.    Numbers
3.    Greetings
4.    Parts of the body
1.    A / AN / THE – Articles
2.    IN / TO / AT / ON – Prepositions of place
3.    HE / HIM / HIS – Personal pronouns
4.    PICK IT UP - Imperative and common phrasal verbs
5.    IN / AT / ON – prepositions of time
1.    WHAT / WHERE / WHEN / HOW – using interrogative pronouns
2.    WHAT’S / MY NAME’S / HE’S… - using abbreviated forms
3.    DON’T / DIDN’T / WON’T – negative forms
Costs to the school The amount required is € 800.00 (+ VAT + SIAE) for a performance. As a special promotion, there can be two shows on the same day (either both in the morning or one in the morning and the second in the early afternoon) in the same location at the same special promotional price of €800.00 (+ VAT + SIAE). The full payment must be made on the day that performances take place. The price excludes all expenses incurred by the school relating to its operating costs.
Dates Dates will be agreed with schools according to their educational needs and the availability of the actors.
Bookings Reservations may be made by phone 0737-632239 or by email to sent to Please provide information of possible dates for the performance/s in the school and the number of shows or days requested.

The Clown