The Camerino Players



Artistic Director: Sydney Higgins

"The Camerino Players" is a theatre company that was founded in 1993 with the support of the University of Camerino and some local authorities to give an opportunity for young talent to be able to perform on stage as actors, singers and dancers.

The Association has the specific purpose of developing and dissemination theatrical culture. Since its inauguration, it has pursued this objective of the cultural promotion of the theatre and entertainment in general through performance, research and teaching.  It organizes workshops to train young people and in performances presents a wide variety of works including those by contemporary authors and some from the medieval period. 

With support both from public bodies (such as the Camerino local council, the University of Camerino and the Ministry of Culture) and from many private companies, the Camerino Players has produced plays and musicals, including  Goodbye Berlin, Cabiria (Sweet Charity), Il dono d’amore, Let it be you and Le Vergini di Salem (The Crucible). It has also organised the annual International Festival and Conference of European Medieval Drama, with financial assistance of many international bodies, including the European Community.

Goodbye Berlin Cabiria Le Vergini Di Salem Il Dono D'Amore
Goodbye Berlin Cabiria Le Vergini Di Salem Il Dono D'Amore