The Camerino Players

Goodbye Berlin



Jenny Bolt    Ben Dixon    John Bowen
Stefano Latini    Maria Pia Gasperini
John Morley    Paola di Brino
Choreographer: Valeria Sebastioni
Musical Director: Lamberto Lugli
Set Designer: Maurice Rubens
Director: Sydney Higgins


It certainly achieved all the aims set by the new theatre company, The Camerino Players. Its two performances of its musical-cabaret, entitled "Goodbye Berlin", were both sold out at the Teatro Marchetti last week. It could not have been otherwise because the show had all the requirements necessary for achieving such a success, including the total professionalism of all those that participated.

It was indeed a pleasing spectacular performance and it was especially interesting to observe for the way in which the original was presented (in English) as well as the splendid creation of the scenery that offered a real treat for the eyes.

The very fact that the Camerino public thoroughly enjoyed it confirmed the talent of artists who were able to pass on the key messages of Isherwood’s novel as well as the weaknesses and ambitions of the young dancer, Sally Bowles, faced with the harsh reality of Germany in the Nazi period ...

This show, which successfully combined the two genres of the musical and cabaret, offered two hours of pleasure spent at the theatre.
Appennino Camerte


Camerino – “The Camerino Players" debuted on Saturday and Sunday at the Teatro Filippo Marchetti with "Goodbye Berlin", a musical with songs and dance, all played in English ... Both performances received thunderous applause from the audience. "Goodbye Berlin" is inspired by the stories of Christopher Isherwood, John Van Druten’s play "I am a camera" and also the famous "Cabaret" by Bob Fosse. This new theatrical version was prepared during long months of work by nearly fifty people who believed in this project, and was created with the desire to provide not only entertainment but also a learning experience, an approach to the English language that was demanding but enjoyable.

The director and teacher, Sydney Higgins, was able to coordinate all the roles, to put together drama, songs, ballet and quick changes of scene. Sally Bowles, the singer actor, was interpreted from Jenny Bolt, a task most successfully achieved thanks to her natural gifts and skills. The presenter of the Kit Kat Club, the place where the events took place, was Ben Dixon, while the young writer, Edward Seymour, was played by John Bowen, who is both an actor and a lawyer. Both made their mark in the show. The scene that was perhaps most appreciated was the "Two Ladies", an amusing love triangle starring Dixon, Elizabeth Askins and Fiorella Paino.
Corriere Adriatico


Camerino – Really great entertainment was offered at the Teatro Marchettdi Camerino when the "Camerino Players" staged "Goodbye Berlin", a musical known in its film version "Cabaret" with Liza Minelli.

The enormous success (both the theatre performances were sold out) was due to a combination of things: first of all the Anglo-Italian cast: the protagonist Jenny Bolt (known in England for her TV shows) was a perfect Sally Bowles, sexy but moving where required: Ben Dixon was a Satanic Master of Ceremonies, a different character from the ambiguity personality we have seen in the film. John Bowen was also significant in the part of Edward, sensitive and refined …

The director, Sydney Higgins, achieved his highlights in the show with the exhilarating  scene of "Two Ladies" (thanks to the delightful costumes by Anna Lambourne) and the famous duet "Money, Money" with the banknotes showered on the audience –perhaps this has been done before but the it certainly excited the audience in Camerino.
L’Azione (Fabriano)

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