The Camerino Players

THE CLOWN - For Theatres



Requirement for the stage:

    - Minimum size of the stage is 6m (width) x 4m (depth)
    - The ideal size is 8m (width) x 6m (depth)


    - 30 kW, three phase 380Volts

Dressing Rooms:

    - 3 Dressing rooms for the actors. The rooms should include a sink and mirror. There must be access to a bathroom and, preferably, a shower
    - 1 Room for technicians
    - 1 Room for the production

The company needs to know in advance the type of access available to the stage (e.g. where it is and whether there is an elevator, stairs, etc) and where loading and unloading can take place. All scenery and lighting will be installed and removed on the day of the performance.