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For the 2009-2010 theatrical season at Teatro Filippo Marchetti in Camerino – Sunday, 13 December 2009, 17.00 



by Sydney Higgins
with music by Lamberto Lugli
Claudio Sagretti   Tiziano Giglio
Francesca di Pastena

Director: Sydney Higgins
Musical Director: Lamberto Lugli
Lights and Sound: Francesco Concetti
Scenery: Caroline Crawford
Costumes: Janette Swift
Yes We Can

With exciting new music and superb actors, the play deals amusingly but educationally with ecological problems including global warming, water shortages and deforestation.


We are now taking bookings for the period 2009-2010. 
The next performances are:

Piccolo Teatro Don Bosco
Piccolo Teatro Don Bosco
Via Asolo, 2 – zona Paltana

31 October at 16:00 - 01 November at 10:30 and 16:00



by Sydney Higgins

with: Claudio Sagretti, Tiziano Giglio e Francesca di Pastena
Music: Lamberto Lugli
Scenery: Finlay Cowan & Chiara Giulianini
Costumes: Janette Swift

Director: Sydney Higgins
Another exceptional play is that offered by the Camerino Players and directed by Sydney Higgins, the writer and theatre director whose mother tongue is English and who has lived for several years in Camerino where he teachers at the University. The show "The Clown" was born from a completely original, new, innovative and unique idea that offers young children a sympathetic and stimulating approach to learning English.

The story revolves around three characters – the ringmaster who speaks only Italian and is, while performing in the scenes, a mediator between the public and two Clowns, who speak only in English. All is understandable, even for toddlers. In their conversations, the two clowns use simple words and expressions according to a structured basic grammar, designed specifically for the age and the capacity of the young audience.

The staging is funny, the actors are good, and the audience is involved. So there can there be any doubt about the success of this new production?


Previous Performances - 2009

8 February, 17.30 Filippo Marchetti Theatre in Camerino
21 April, 10.30 Cinema, Pioraco
21 April, 14.30 Cinema Manzoni, Castelraimondo
22 April, 10.15 Istituto Comprensivo "U.Betti", Camerino
23 April, 10.15 Istituto Comprensivo "U.Betti", Camerino
23 April, 14.30 Istituto Comprensivo "U.Betti", Camerino
20 May, 11.00 Filippo Marchetti Theatre in Camerino (private performance)

Palla Al Centro


Show-case of Theatrical Productions for Children and Young People in the Marche

Fourth Edition


at 10.00am    Sant’Elpidio a Mare, Teatro Cicconi
The Camerino Players (Camerino)



Camerino: the clown, English, and children....

The Clown
On Sunday at the Marchetti Theatre in Camerino was the debut of the latest play by Sydney Higgins
da Donatella Pazzelli

Clown Poster"Oh! How good ‘The Clown’ was!"  said my 5-year-old daughter to her father when we she returned home.  And, in fact, the young girl’s judgement was shared by everybody.

 ‘The Clown’ is the latest theatrical production of "The Camerino Players” and was staged with the patronage of the Comune di Camerino, the University of Camerino, the Province of Macerata and of AMAT. It was first performed on Sunday afternoon at the Theatre Filippo Marchetti before a numerous, enthusiastic and very young audience.

 The show is based on an original idea of Sydney Higgins, who wrote the script, commissioned the music and produced and directed the play. The story revolves around three characters: two clowns who speak only English and a circus ring-master who speaks only Italian and, in addition to his involvement on stage, acts as an intermediary between the public and the two clowns who work in his circus.  Economic restrictions force him to choose between the two clowns who, after the initial competition with no holds barred in striving to be the best - as ordered by the director - they become friends and allies, getting of the ring-master-despot by packing him up and sending him "to the jungle ".

The dialogue between the two players imaginatively used words and phrases based on a structured vocabulary and grammatical structure especially designed for the age and the linguistic knowledge of the young audience in the theatre. How successful this was achieved is demonstrated by the fact that all of them remained involved throughout the whole duration of the show.

This was a highly effective and successful show that amply fulfilled the intention set for the production, namely allowing young children to encounter and absorb simple English through fun and enjoyment.

The music by Lamberto Lugli, the professional musician who for many years has collaborated with Higgins, perfectly complemented the whole show with its circus set, designed by Finlay Cowan and Clare Giulianini, and the vital, colourful and perfectly executed movements and dialogue of the actors (Claudio Sagretti as the Ring Master with Tiziano Giglio and Francesca Di Pastena as the clowns). Special mention must be given to Francis Concetti, who was responsible for the lighting and sounds, to the costume designer, Janette Swift, and to Caroline Crawford and Tiziana Zucconi who provided ideas for the clowns. But, above all, praise and honour must be given to Sydney Higgins, the writer and theatre director from England who has for many years been resident in the city, for this outstanding work, refined and original, that has debuted with great success in Camerino and will hopefully reach many other prestigious shores to involve and entertain many other children.

This is a press release
Posted by: Donatella Pazzelli
Published in the newspaper on 10/02/2009